Ep. 10: PJ Milani, creator of the Visual I.D.E.A.s Newsletter

The Creator Spotlight Podcast by Creator Spotlight

Episode notes

Today's guest is PJ Milani, a high school animation teacher recently turned social media star. He’s known for his “visual metaphors” — single-panel illustrations featuring lessons about life and creativity. Across his socials he has over 200k followers, his newsletter has 16k subscribers, and he teaches a perennially sold-out cohort course about visual thinking on Maven.

In this issue, we discuss:

  • 🌱 Organic growth
  • 🔜 Trusting the process, every day
  • 🎨 What it means to live a creative life
  • 🤝 Working in community with other creators

00:00 Who is PJ Milani

01:25 Why PJ started creating — Getting on social media

09:04 How to gain 200k followers

14:48 Relationship between writing and drawing

19:39 Which social media platform is best — Twitter vs Instagram  ... 

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