Building the Perfect Sales Team

The Corner Podcast by itris

Episode notes

Join us as Tara from Venatrix shares her expertise in SaaS recruitment, providing valuable insights into the ever-evolving landscape of talent acquisition. Explore Tara's experience specialising in recruiting sales staff within the SaaS industry and learn about the remarkable growth trends within the sector.

Discover how Tara's clients are adapting to changing attitudes towards flexible work arrangements, and gain insights into the essential skill sets and qualities sought after for SDR roles in SaaS companies. Uncover strategies for overcoming common recruitment challenges in today's digital landscape, and dive into Tara's approach to sourcing top-tier SDR talent amidst the evolving SaaS landscape.

Explore the keys to fostering environments that retain high-performing SDRs, and get Tara's expert insights on anticipated future trends  ... 

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