#227 - 50–59-year-olds Part Four Health Fitness Nutrition and Age of Tradespeople with Dimitri from Pure Motivation Fitness

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Part Four –50–59-year-olds. #FitnessFridays with Dimitri Giankoulas

This show begins with life stresses, as you get older, you have challenging moments in life, a divorce, separation, loss of a parent or parents, loss of employment and how this can affect your health, mentally and physically. At 50 you need to ask yourself are you doing this for your kids or yourself? Yes, you need to be a role model for your children, but you also have to be selfish, I am 50 now, I want to live a high-quality life for the next 30 plus years, that requires discipline and work.

Heart Health, stress contributes to bad heart health, I’ve got all these things happening, life, do I get drinking, taking up vices and hurting myself and others or do I jump into exercise, but where do I begin? It all begins with data, your foundation, where  ... 

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