#213 Filippo Placentino of Cr3ative Construction Company is here to share plenty of construction

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

The show opens with one of the best show tunes ever! Then the guys assess the grappa and realize we need more grappa because both Manny and Danny are feeling cockatail. Filippo was kind enough to bring one of the OG Hardcore Renos t-shirt, one of 1000’s that have been given away over the years, so nice to finally meet a follower and someone that received a HCR T. Thank you Filippo.

Coming from a family background of trades, he didn’t begin in construction until 27, in his younger years he pursued a career in playing professional football, European football, by the way, they most watched sport in the entire world, followed by the number two most watch sport if Formula 1. Just a bit of facts on TCL. The guys discuss traveling, getting to Vegas, the hatred towards the quality of the structure in Vegas, heading to European trade sh ... 

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