#171 Alair Homes Springwater with Owner Norbert Lengyel and Operations Manager Curtis Stein

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

Curtis got his start with his Dad who was a tradesperson, working at a very young age and learning the ropes, from there decided to open and run his own business for 5 years, loved it and then Norbert suggested he take over as his Operation Manager. The connection was made over IG, Curtis was interested, Norbert was interested in taking his business in new directions and needed to find the right tradespeople. One of the first questions Norbert asked Curtis, how would you like to build your business inside of my business?

Alair Homes, the client is in the control from the very beginning, it all begins with a budget expectations meeting, discussing options of the lead and scope of work and then things shift to the Client Control Software where the client will find every single detail attached to their project. Alair Homes is all about the cli ... 

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