#124 Mike from Integrabell Construction talking about missed opportunities

The Construction Life by Manny Neves

Episode notes

We open the how at a new venue, we are at VenturesX workspace in Oakville and next week’s show will be all about this space. Thanks Trevor and Joe for offering up the space to record the show.

Mike, what a great guy, calls himself the “toolbelt contractor” he loves being on site and seeing what’s happening and doing what needs to be done. Mike is proud of what he does for a living, but even more so proud that people call him a carpenter. Mike has 21 years of great stories, a successful tradesperson and running a great brand at the young age of 37. Mike and Manny get right into his construction life.

His story begins with an apprenticeship with his Dad and when he looks back at it now, Mike didn’t realize how much he was being taught at the time, the opportunities his Dad was presenting him. His Dad built a very successful company, a u ... 

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