Our first guest: Sumatra with Josh Phangurha

The Birdy Bug Pod by Matthew and Steve

Episode notes

Zoologist, ecologist, wildlife photographer, and very well-travelled, we've mentioned Josh in a few previous episodes, it was about time we had him on!

Not long back from 5 weeks in the jungles of Sumatra, we delve into his experience, covering the incredible species he saw, the challenges facing both wildlife and conservationists, some good signs of ecotourism, and what would be great to see going forward. And, in true Birdy Bug Pod fashion, we hear about some of the passionate and dedicated people working hard to protect Sumatra's truly invaluable habitats.

From surreal encounters with orangutans and elephants to illegal orchid hunters and falling into a river whilst looking for a crocodilian, this episode really does have it all!

We appreciate that it is quite a long episode (you can use the timestamps to hop about), but with ... 

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