Exploring Shiv Ji's Untold Stories: Origins, Myths & Truths Ft. Satyarth Nayak | Arun Pandit Show

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Episode notes

Explore the mystical realm of Lord Shiva's untold narratives on Episode 17 of The Arun Pandit Show, as Satyarth Nayak unravels captivating myths and truths. Delve into the profound origins and enigmatic tales surrounding Har Har Mahadev's chants, the intriguing saga of Brahma's fifth head, and the mystical realities of Mahakal, Mahamrityunjay, and Ardhanarishvara. Unveil the divine encounters between Mahadev and Ardhanarishvara, the celestial conflicts of Kartikeya and Ganesha, and the lesser-explored genesis of Vastu Purusha. From the spiritual significance of Varanasi to the uncharted lineage and worship practices of Lord Shiva, this episode illuminates the intriguing facets of Hindu mythology, seldom discussed in mainstream narratives, and promises a profound journey through the depths of Shiva's mystique.

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