All Alone With Something to Say

by Emma Newbery

Arts & Culture journalist Emma Newbery is joined by various guests to explore the conscious consumption of cultural phenomena from the wicked to the weird.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • Jamás Vencida: The Fight Against Gender Violence in Puerto Rico

    Jamás Vencida: The Fight Against Gender Violence in Puerto Rico

    Emma and Marianne speak with award-winning journalist Andrea González-Ramírez about the epidemic of gender violence in Puerto Rico. . Suliani's Poem (trans. Marianne Tissot): I want you to think of me as the woman who borrowed courage from past and present warriors. That daily step that inspires me to believe that where there are ovaries there is more than strength to keep going. Hardworking woman, never defeated. Infinite light that illuminates that sunset that paints the most colorless flower. I am part of that army where there is only room for brave weapons, but with red lipstick. Poetry Collection: Resources: Colectiva Feminista en Construcción, Taller Salud, Coordinadora Paz para las Mujeres, @con.sentimientospr

  • Notes From the Flock

    Notes From the Flock

    Emma and Pam discuss the history of Solomon Asch's conformity experiments and track the role and significance of conformity -- political, social, and emotional -- throughout American history and into its future. BAXTER BLUE DISCOUNT CODE:

  • LinkedIn or Boxed Out?

    LinkedIn or Boxed Out?

    Emma and Caroline Newbery trace the evolution of the American internship and the inequities these opportunities perpetuate in our society today.

  • Vulva Is Not A Dirty Word

    Vulva Is Not A Dirty Word

    We'll take it from here, Gwyneth. Emma interviews Meredith Ford, the feminist ceramics enthusiast behind Pussy Pots. They discuss vulva anxiety, the stigma around female pleasure, and the importance of knowing your body for yourself and trusting its beauty.

  • Seek, and Ye Shall Find Even More Questions

    Seek, and Ye Shall Find Even More Questions

    Emma is joined by photographer and educator Hannah Altman to discuss the beauty of Jewish thought and the power of ritual as captured in art.