The Online Print Coach: It's time to take your business to the next level

The Garment Decorators Podcast by Stahls' UK by Stahls' UK

Episode notes

This week Andy and Molly are joined by Colin Sinclair McDermott, the Online Print Coach. Helping Print Business Owners who want more sales and better client retention by showing them what strategies matter so they can become more profitable and earn the salary they deserve. Colin has been running his online print coaching business for over 5 years and has helped countless printers grow their businesses.

During this episode of the Garment Decorators Podcast, Colin talks about his experience working within the print industry, the most common problems he comes across with his clients, why an online coach will be beneficial to businesses, why it's important to have a supportive community around you and so much more. If you're getting started within the industry or looking to grow and improve your businesses, this episode is for you!

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