The Silence

by Macenova

Welcome to "The Silence," a podcast that explores the mysteries surrounding an elusive and enigmatic being known only as "the creature." This mysterious entity possesses a unique ability to deafen all those within its vicinity, leaving them completely unable to hear. The origins and nature of this creature are shrouded in mystery.

In the first episode, we follow the story of Harry, who experiences the deafening silence ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • The silent Curse

    The silent Curse

    Harry wakes up to an unknown stranger in the community he has been welcomed into. His claims of seeing The Silence are met with skepticism until a mysterious stone slab with a cryptic message written in Greek raises concerns among the community members. Intertwining Greek mythology with a modern-day mystery.

  • Through the Looking Glass

    Through the Looking Glass

    In this episode, we follow Harry, a newcomer to a mysterious community, as he discovers the dangers that lurk outside their walls. Ethan, explains the rules of the community and assigns Harry a job tending to the gardens. However, as Harry settles in, he is haunted by memories of his old life and the terrifying creature known as "Αυτός που χτυπάει" that roams outside. When the creature's tapping becomes more insistent, Harry is forced to confront his fears and the reality of the world he now inhabits. Along the way, Harry learns about the differences between his earth and the others in the community and how even the smallest details can have profound consequences.

  • Lost in a new world

    Lost in a new world

    Harry, who experiences a sudden deafening of all sound while walking at night, encounters a mysterious creature that disappears as soon as he sees it. Harry is plagued by nightmares and wakes up to find himself paralyzed in his own room, as the creature appears once again. He wakes up in a forest clearing and meets a man who warns him not to make any noise, as they are being hunted by creatures that are not human. The man takes Harry to a walled-off community where they are safe from the creatures