Modern Health Presents: The Reset

by Modern Health

In each episode, we’ll explore the foundations of good mental health, including values, understanding your mindset and emotions, managing stress, healthy habits, social support, and self-compassion, plus we'll do a brief mindfulness exercise together. The intention for this program is to give you a chance to reset, in just a few minutes.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 10: Pain & Suffering

    Episode 10: Pain & Suffering

    There's a difference between pain and suffering. Learn more about managing emotions, and how to limit suffering.

  • Episode 9: Mood & Motivation

    Episode 9: Mood & Motivation

    Learn about the relationship between your mood and motivation.

  • Episode 8: Anxiety & Avoidance

    Episode 8: Anxiety & Avoidance

    Learn more about how anxiety works and why we avoid things that make us anxious.

  • Episode 7: Mindfulness

    Episode 7: Mindfulness

    Mindfulness has significantly increased in popularity over the last few years so I’m guessing many of you might have heard of mindfulness, or might even practice regularly yourself.

  • Episode 6: Self-Compassion

    Episode 6: Self-Compassion

    In this week’s episode we’re going to learn more about self-compassion and how to treat ourselves with kindness and respect.