NFL Week 10 Review with Week 11 Predictions Complete

The Ref-Horrendumb™ by FinFlam Sports

Episode notes
The podcast features two speakers, Big John and lead analyst Jesse J, who discuss the recent Monday night football game between the Denver Broncos and the Buffalo Bills. They analyze the game, highlighting the Bills' turnovers and defensive injuries as contributing factors to their loss. They also discuss the Broncos' strategy of rushing off the field and bringing in the kicking team, which confused the Bills' players and led to a penalty. The speakers debate the responsibility for the loss, questioning whether it falls on the head coach, special teams, or the players themselves. They also discuss the performance of Russell Wilson, the Broncos' quarterback, praising his improvement and ability to avoid turnovers.

However, they express concerns about the sustainability of the Broncos' current strategy, relying heavily on running backs and  ... 

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