S01 E28 - The Pursuit Of Sova

The Pursuit Of... by Ryan Buck & Mark L. Wilson
Ryan and Mark sit down with Alison Kadlec, Senior/Founding Partner at Sova; an organization focused on "building capacity for large-scale change in higher education."Mission:Sova focuses on improving the quality and accelerating the pace of complex problem solving in the areas of higher education and workforce development. Animated by a c  ...  See more
May 05 2022

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The Pursuit podcast appeared on the guest centric show focusing on people and organizations that advance positive change. Positivity can be anywhere and in a time of vast discord. The pursuit of is finding those who championed its causes loudest. Join us as we sit and learn about the pursuits of local leaders in their communities. Let's go.

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Hello, good people and welcome to the pursuit of podcast where it's truly not us, it's you. I'm Ryan Bach, artist development for New Leonard Media. With me is the boss, Mark Wilson, President, New Leonard Media. How are you, sir?

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I'm doing well today, Ryan. I'm wearing my new favorite shirt.

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It looks. That's enough of that. Our

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