The Nationalist Enquirer: Steel Snake’s Dank Meme (Photo) Stash

The Paranormies by Johnny, Reinhardt, Alt Skull, Hollis, Grognak, and Jack

Episode notes

Johnny and Jack are joined by Steel Snake to shitpost the news and to peruse Steel's collection of original World's Fair programs, photos of the fairs, and original postcards. His collection dates from the late 1800's through the Gilded Age of World's Fairs in the 1920's.

>Bonerface gone

>Flat earth posting

>Early PN seasons nostalgia (anti-flat earth posting)

>Pandas and Australia doesn't real

>Evolution is fake and gay

>Tartarian Worlds fairs and stuffs

Panel: Johnny, Jack, Steel Snake

Music Break: URA F*cking Loser, by Bile

Necronormiecon: Book of Revelation Chapter 19, read by Jack