The Color of Us

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At The Color of Us we are dedicated to creating a space for today's multiracial and multicultural youth by empowering them to share their stories and raise awareness to invoke discussions which begins conversations. Our podcast selection discusses the Multiracial/Multicultural experience, expert perspectives and educational material.

Podcast episodes

  • Season 2

  • All Mixed Up: The Connections Between Racial & Cultural Identities

    All Mixed Up: The Connections Between Racial & Cultural Identities

    This episode featured, Stephanie Jack 卢恩典 a Singaporean-Chinese and Australian actor, singer, and writer who was recognized in 2022 as one of the 40-Under-40 Most Influential Asian Australians. With a diverse background, she trained and worked in various countries, graduating top of her B.A Drama cohort at the University of Bristol and completing an M.F.A in Acting at Harvard's ART/MXAT Institute. Stephanie, a multidisciplinary artist, is currently developing a play inspired by her time in China, titled Mixed Feelings, and has been actively involved in video installations exploring cultural hybridity and multiracial code-switching. Stephanie Jack discussed her experience being a multiracial actress, the manner in which she was perceived across the many countries she has lived in as well as the relationship between racial and cultural identities, specifically how to honor both aspects of one's identity.

  • Colorful Palate - Food & The Multiracial Identity


    Colorful Palate - Food & The Multiracial Identity


    Welcome to Season 2 of The Color of Us podcast! To start this season, we are incredibly honored to have spoken with Raj Tawney. Raj Tawney was born-and-raised in New York and is a proud multiracial American of Indian, Italian and Puerto Rican ancestry. Raj is a storyteller, and enjoys writing on identity, race, history, food, health, nature, entertainment, and current events shaping our culture. Beyond writing, he has hosted numerous live events, from introducing Alfred Hitchcock's "Shadow of a Doubt" at the Museum of Modern Art and to presenting "Pal Joey" with Frank Sinatra's granddaughter AJ Lambert. He’s also reported for Public Television, Zee TV, and Namaste America News. In this episode, Raj spoke on his new book, Colorful Palate, which explores his own cultural background and identity through the lens of food.

  • Season 1

  • Mixed Race Representation in Entertainment

    Mixed Race Representation in Entertainment

    We are so excited to have had to opportunity to collaborate with Mixed Asian Media and record a podcast with Alex Chester-Iwata. Alex was named as one of 2022's top 50 Unsung Heroes at Asian Hustle Network’s Uplifted Conference. Alex graduated with Honors in May 2021 with her BA through St. Mary’s LEAP Program. She is the first person from LEAP to receive the Dean's Award for academic excellence and community engagement and is now part of LEAP’s Advisory Board. Alex, also the Editor-in-Chief of Mixed Asian Media shared her story growing up in the entertainment industry as one of the only mixed-race Asian Americans. She discussed how this experience shaped her passion for advocacy as well as the work she does through Mixed Asian Media.

  • Mixed Roots

    Mixed Roots

    Aisha Fukushima is a performance lecturer, justice strategist, singer/songwriter, and RAPtivist. She founded RAPtivism, a hip hop project spanning 20 countries and four continents, amplifying universal efforts for freedom and justice. Her work with ‘RAPtivism’ has been featured on Oprah Magazine and TEDx, to name only a few organizations. Additionally, she has spoken with the President of Estonia about the power of music to create change. She has also presented at venues such as Stanford University, Yale Law School, Duke University and the National Conference On Race and Ethnicity (NCORE). In keynotes she links themes such as hip hop, global citizenship, empowerment, feminism and cultural activism through storytelling as well as live musical performance.

  • All Our Relationships

    All Our Relationships

    Dr. Jill Falcon Ramaker is a faculty member at Montana State University specializing in Indigenous food systems and land practices. She is also a Program Director of the Buffalo Nations Food System Initiative at Montana State University and also works closely with the nonprofit Montana Indigenous Food Sovereignty Initiative. She is a member of the Midewin society and is an inspiring advocate. In this episode, Dr. Ramaker discusses her own multiracial and multicultural background. Additionally, she discusses the history of mixed indigenous communities and shares her opinion on blood quantum. Dr. Ramaker also discusses the future of land sovereignty in indigenous communities and multiculturalism.