The Cocoa Pod Cast #6 Act Today for a Better Tomorrow with Ayn Riggs

The Cocoa Pod Cast by The Cocoa Pod Cast

Episode notes

Tune into this episode to hear the perspective of a true OG in the chocolate and cocoa activism space.

Ayn Rigg's fight to eliminate child slavery from chocolate's supply chain started over 15 years ago, after she heard in the UK that chocolate is tied to child slavery. Upon her return to the US, she thought she might donate to a group working on this, but to her dismay she found absolutely nothing that focused on bringing attention to the plight of these farmers and children. That's when she created Slave Free Chocolate.

Ayn decided to take up this cause as she felt it was what she should do. She is not connected to the chocolate or food industry in any manner and her independence from the industry allows her voice to be her own.

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