Natural 20

That Means Nothing to Me by Trey Tayloe

Episode notes

We go from knowing nothing to knowing something about the fantasy art industry, the underrated and underappreciated masterpiece of film that is Apocalypto, and spending some time in nature. Featuring the phenomenally talented fantasy artist Steve Prescott. Also, Steve Prescott single-handedly ruined Shadowrun, or so I am told. Music by West & Zander, Yomoti, Guustavv, Arc de Soleil, Ooyy, Sarah the Illstrumentalist, Smartface, and Pro Reese. Our intro theme is Snow Butterflies in Our Warm Attic by Aryll Fae, but you should know that by now. Check out the Patreon as well as the merch store by visiting The show can be found on all social media @thatmeans0, and you can contact the editor at ... 

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