The Pickup Artist

That Means Nothing to Me by Trey Tayloe

Episode notes

We go from knowing nothing to knowing something about the convention circuit, the speed at which the fingers of a chat support agent can move across the keyboard, and the sheer amount of Power Rangers that exist. It's way more than you think it is. Featuring the local living legend that is Sterling Draentz (also, sorry, Caroll Spinney). Full music credits - "And Then I Met You" by Matt Large, "Be My Remedy" by House of Say, "Enlightened", "Game Tester", by Toby Tranter, "Finer In Carolina" by Sarah, The Illstrumentalist, "Just Cool Down" by Fox Morrow, "Midnight Grooves", "Woke" by SINY, "My Bay" by Major Tweaks, "Quit" by Smartface, "Speed Flight Ozo" by Hampus Naesulius, "The Road Less Traveled", by Christopher Moe Ditlevsen. The show's Patreon can be found at

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