Episode 14: From Apple to BlaBlaCar - building a high-performance culture at scale

Published: Sep 06 2021

Our guest today is Olivier Bonnet—though he’ll also accept “Oliver”—currently CTO of BlaBlaCar in Paris. Getting his hands dirty with engineering work first and then moving onto leadership roles, Olivier jumped into his tech career at Apple and then spent 12 years there in the US soaking up some of the world’s best engineering secrets.

This is a rich episode where Olivier shares what it’s like to work in a variety of environments—from the USA to Europe, or large companies like Apple vs. high-growth scale-ups like BlaBlaCar.

We dug into his personal leadership style, which is a great example of the classic principle “lead by example.” Olivier is a master of “walking the talk” so we’re excited to share his highly actionable leadership advice with you!


Connect with Olivier on LinkedIn here.

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Things you learn in this episode:

- What’s it's like to work in high-performance tech environments in both the US and Europe

- What are the tactical day-to-day differences between large companies and high-growth, scale-up ones

- How to lead a 200+ people engineering team

- How teamwork and collaboration have impact in a fast-changing world