Teaching Race Matters

by Runnymede Trust

In this series, the Runnymede Trust, the UK’s leading race equality think tank, explores why it is important to teach race, migration and empire in schools, and how we can empower educators to do so. Teaching Race Matters is presented and produced by Alba Kapoor and Nannette Youssef, and edited by Alex Adetiba. This series is funded by the Black & Veatch Foundation, a fund of the Greater Kansas City Community Foundation. Mor ...   ...  Read more

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Anti-racism movements in the UK

    Anti-racism movements in the UK

    In conversation with Martin Spafford, Hannah Ishmael and Professor Hakim Adi, we focus on the histories of anti-racism in the UK and Britain’s own civil rights history. We talk about why so much of it has been forgotten, what is missing and why it matters that these subjects are taught today.

  • Romani Gypsies in the 16th Century

    Romani Gypsies in the 16th Century

    In conversation with Professor Becky Taylor and Helen Snelson, we discuss the arrival of Romani Gypsies in the beginning of the 16th Century in Britain, and why their initial welcome from local gentry and royalty quickly turned sour.

  • Lit in Colour

    Lit in Colour

    In conversation with Dr Zaahida Nabagereka, we focus on efforts to diversify the English Literature curriculum and in particular our project with Penguin, ‘Lit in Colour’.

  • Asian Youth Movements

    Asian Youth Movements

    In conversation with Shabna Begum and Anandi Ramamurthy, we focus on the histories of Asian Youth Movements in Britain, groups formed by second-generation South Asians in the 1970s to resist racism in their communities.