Tale Number Three

Tales from Xaevalon by Tales from Xaevalon

Episode notes

Time Stamps

  • Knights of Xaevalon 1:27

  • History of Xaevalon 12:30

  • Stories of Xaevalon 22:27

Today we present to you the following stories.

  1. Knights of Xaevalon - A History of the Dragons and Sir Reginalde's Tragic Birth, Sir Reginalde recalls the history of dragons and mankind, along with his tragic birth.

  2. History of Xaevalon - The History of the Creation of Xaevalon. Listen how Xaevalon was created, and the war between the Elementals, Gods, and Titans.

  3. Stories fo Xaevlon - Kriger the Mighty Barbarian. A favorite tale of mine. Hear the begining of one of Xaevalon's strongest and bravest barbarians, Kriger.

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