The Hidden Dangers in School Libraries: Pastor John Amanchukwu Reveals All!!! @revwutruth ​

Strang Report by Charisma Podcast Network 558901

Episode notes

In this eye-opening episode of The Strang Report Podcast, Pastor John Amanchukwu returns with a powerful message that demands attention. Join us as he fearlessly exposes the hidden dangers lurking within our school libraries and sheds light on the disturbing books our children are being exposed to.

🌈 Discover the truth about the Gay Agenda infiltrating our schools and the shocking content found in library shelves that support this agenda. 🌈

From race relations to socialists exploiting divisions, Pastor Amanchukwu, a TPUSA Faith contributor, dives deep into critical issues that are shaping our society today. Gain valuable insights into critical race theory, welfare, and the importance of school choice in shaping our children's education.

📚 Are you ready to take action and safeguard our children's future? Pastor Amanchukwu s ... 

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