Episode II: Abandon All Hope (Operation Lizard Suit)

Star Wars: Beta Squad by Meesa Hungry

Episode notes

Troops transports have been disappearing on the planet Myrkr and Beta Squad, a penal stormtrooper unit of the Imperial Army, is sent to investigate. Will our boys in white save the day? OF COURSE THEY WILL! VICTORY IS ASSURED!! LONG LIVE HIS IMPERIAL MAJESTY!!!! #backthewhite #imperiallivesmatter #defundthejedicouncil


The following episode was recorded by mistake via malfunctioning mouse droids. This production is not an accurate representation of The Imperial Sound Engineering Corps' abilities and does not reflect the views of his Imperial Majesty, long may he reign.


Original music composed by Nolan Potter (https://nolanpotter.bandcamp.com/)

Additional Music by Kevin MacLeod (

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