The Hyde

Sprints & Milestones by Brett Harned

Episode notes

Episode highlights

  • [2:00] Get to know Galen Low
  • [3:00] Introducing Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Toxic Masculinity
  • [8:00] The team gave him a nickname
  • [10:00] Brett & Greg D discuss their toxic traits
  • [16:00] Is expressing emotion at work okay?
  • [25:00] Galen's definition of "failure"

About our guest

Galen Low, Co-Founder of The Digital Project Manager

Galen is a digital project manager with more than a decade of experience delivering human-centered digital transformation in government, healthcare, transit, and retail through client services and business development.

Having finally discovered a use for his radio-announcer voice, he is now helping professionals lead teams and deliver projects ahead of the digital curve as the Co- ... 

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