The Irony

Sprints & Milestones by Brett Harned

Episode notes

Episode highlights:

[2:00] Meet Wil Reynolds
[4:00] The first time in Wil Reynolds' life that he didn't want to go to work
[6:00] Personal failure or business failure?
[8:00] The long pause
[11:00] It's really hard to determine the lesson learned here
[14:00] "People are basically good, man. We just give all the attention to the assholes"
[18:00] "I'm making my mom proud."

About our guest

Wil Reynolds, CEO and Vice President, Seer Interactive

Wil started Seer Interactive in 2002 as a one-man operation out of his living room. Today, Seer is home to over 200 team members across Philadelphia, San Diego, and Remote.

In his free time, Wil hangs out with his wife Nora, sons Rio and Niko, and serves Philadelphia’s homeless and runaway youth at  ... 

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