The Apostle Paul's Gospel - the ONLY Gospel that Saves!

Spirit Walking with Jesus by Alan Manson

Episode notes

The Apostle Paul warns every Christian in Philippians 2:12 to “ out your own salvation with fear and trembling [meaning, that Satan might rob you of it, in exactly the same way as he did with Adam and Eve]”.This warning from the Apostle Paul should be taken very seriously by every Christian who sincerely values their Salvation and who hopes to be a part of the forthcoming Pre-Tribulation Rapture event. As the Bible clearly says there is ONLY ONE GOSPEL—this being the Apostle Paul’s Gospel that can save Christians from spending eternity in Hell, this means that every Christian should take the necessary time to research what the Apostle Paul’s Gospel actually represents. I have discovered it is a significantly different Salvation message to what has been commonly preached in the churches for a very long time; and this podcast reveals what I  ... 

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