Salvation: Have you met God's required contractual conditions in your Christian life?

Spirit Walking with Jesus by Alan Manson

Episode notes
Many preachers in the pulpits today preach that “God is Love” – and so He is; but there is far more to God’s love than what they portray it to be. If Christians truly “love God” as commanded in Luke 10:26-28, we must also obey His commandments as stated by Jesus in John 14:15. This podcast explains some of the many conditions that Christians MUST meet if they truly hope to spend eternal life with Jesus Christ. Some of these conditions are mandatory such as becoming ‘sinless’, holy, and genuinely “born-again’. Other conditions such as leaving family members behind may not be necessary for all Christians. These ‘Conditions’ mentioned in this episode are just one part of the Apostle Paul’s Gospel that this series is exploring.
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