S01 E01 - Balancing Innovation with Social Responsibility, with Jan Tharp, CEO, Bumble Bee Foods

Beyond the Shelf: The Product & Packaging Podcast by Specright

In this episode of the Beyond the Shelf: Product & Packaging Podcast, Laura Foti spoke with Bumble Bee CEO Jan Tharp on driving innovation at an iconic brand, protecting our natural resources, and empowering the next generation workforce.

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Mar 29 2022

Laura Foti (00:03):
Hello, and welcome to the On The Shelf, the product and packaging podcast, where we interview the people behind the amazing products we use every day. I'm Laura [Fodie 00:00:13]. And I'm thrilled to be speaking with Jan Tharp, the president and CEO of Bumble Bee Seafood, a 120 year old leader in the seafood industry. Jan is known as a transformational leader within the industry among her peers and with Bumble Bee employees and is dedicated to continuing to redefine what sustainability means for the seafood industry. Under her leadership Bumble Bee was named one of the top places to work in 2019 and 2020 by the San Diego Union Tribune. In addition, she was announced as San Diego Business Journal's 2020 CEO of the year award. She's also a board member of the National Fish

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