Season 4, Episode 9: A Glowing Interview with Space Radiation Expert Dr. Jeff Chancellor, Part 2

Space 3D Podcast by Eleanor O'Rangers

Episode notes

Co-hosts Tom Hill and Eleanor O’Rangers continue their interview with physicist and space radiation expert Jeff Chancellor in this podcast episode.

Jeff is an Assistant Professor of Physics at Louisiana State University with research interests in applications of how heavy ion radiation interacts with soft and condensed matter for ground-based analogs, manned spaceflight vehicle structure, shielding, and clinical healthcare.

During part 2 of our interview, we’ll discuss the specific risks posed by space radiation to space explorers, starting with defining the types of radiation that concern us in space exploration. We’ll delve into the particulars of risks specific to the lunar and Martian surface and conclude with beginning to explore issues pertaining to radiation shielding, which can be summed up simply as: easier said than done.

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