Astrology 101: Deep Dive into working with an Astrologer

Southern Glow by Carrie Hiott Richmond

Episode notes

Carrie is rejoined by Jessica Champion, to explore what working in a 1:1 astrology container looks like.

In our previous episode (linked below) we: revisited & tore down old negative cultural paradigms around Astrology in the south- particularly in religious settings (Christianity). Now that we have that frame work laid, dive deep with us into what it can look like to work in a container with a. coach who helps to guides your forward into growth using your astrological chart as a navigational map.

From learning your big three, to a full annual forecast- they reflect on their work together the past two years and how it has helped Carrie to:

  • Remove energetic blocks
  • Clear & release unaligned cultural conditioning
  • Reconnected Carri ... 
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