Sober Stories from Everyday People

by sassysobermum

A podcast bringing you sobriety stories from everyday people. Hosted by Instagram’s @sassysobermum, guests will answer the same seven questions, each outlining their struggle with alcohol and journey into successful sober living. We hope to bring you inspirational content so that you don't have to feel alone in your quest to stop a substance society does its best to encourage!

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Sober Stories: Hannah C

    Sober Stories: Hannah C

    This week's Sober Stories from Everyday People podcast episode is with Hannah C from Surrey, UK. Hannah, a self employed gardener, is one year and one month sober at the time of this recording. We discuss how being a young parent, a parent of a child with extra needs, and being a single parent for a period of time, can impact your reliance on alcohol to cope. We also talk about alcohol and ADHD following my recent diagnosis and Hannah's strong suspicion of it. You can follow her on instagram at @hanbag.97.

  • Sober Stories: Owen

    Sober Stories: Owen

    TRIGGER WARNING - family member suicide This week's episode is with Owen from Halesowen, near Birmingham. Owen is 13 months sober at the time of this recording. Owen, who lives with his wife and young daughter, talks about trying alcohol relatively late, at 16 (on the last day of school). After starting, Owen got into a drinking crowd and drank as part of the 'sesh' with mates most weeks. After unexpectedly losing his father, Owen recalls drinking for more emotional reasons. Being an emotional person, he found solace in alcohol but it brought chaos and shame to the forefront. He stopped for six months to have a break but soon fell back into big drinking afterwards. He decided to stop for good 13 months ago and hasn't looked back since. He is hoping to share his story in an effort to help others (especially men) make the same brave decision to quit and feel happier.

  • Sober Stories: Jade

    Sober Stories: Jade

    This week's episode is with the face behind instagrams @scottishandsober, Jade. Jade is almost 3.5 years sober and lives in Aberdeen, North East Scotland. Jade speaks openly about her life with alcohol, how it slowly crept into weekly life and was normalised for most occasions. Following a difficult relationship and some mental health challenges, Jade decided to stop drinking and is now helping others by supporting people via her hugely popular instagram page. Enjoy listening.

  • Sober Stories: Vanessa

    Sober Stories: Vanessa

    In this week's episode of Sober Stories from Everyday People I am chatting to Vanessa in the Ribble Valley in Lancashire. Vanessa, who is113 days sober at the time of this recording, shares her life with alcohol and why she stopped drinking at New Year. Vanessa is warm, open, and direct about her life growing up, her drinking experiences and how she is currently navigating her new alcohol free life. I hope you enjoy the episode. You can follow Vanessa on Instagram here: @vanessagrey1717 or @vanessagraze

  • Sober Stories: Sebastian

    Sober Stories: Sebastian

    This weeks Sober Stories episode is with 24 year old Sebastian from Bolton, who is 6 months sober. Sebastian is raising money for charity by going 12 months alcohol free after losing his mum to cancer 2 years ago and meeting some incredible health mentors on BBC3's Go Hard or Go Home (2023) TV show. Seb is big into fund raising and raising awareness for mental health, cancer and now all things alcohol free. Sebastian is open, honest and good fun to listen to. As a young person stopping drinking he has a great insight into the challenges younger people face when trying to remove alcohol. Sebastian isn't sure what will happen after the 12 months challenge is up, but what he does know of sobriety so far, its going to be difficult to beat in terms of how much better he feels and brighter things are in his life. Happy listening.