2.6 A Way to Learn, Screenwriting Gym, and Dashing Through

Published: Jun 01 2020

20,000 words for the NX book — Writing — Translating films and TV series — Securing creative freedom — Game writing — My default way of living — Screenwriting gym — A whole script going through your mind and fingers — Concise writing — A way to learn from others — Words need to go through you physically as well as mentally — Writing by speaking — Rod Serling and David Lynch — Ideal type of work — Doesn't matter whether it's a good or a bad script — Really inspiring projects — Rich input needed for rich output — Reading all kinds of stuff — Doing things this way has been freeing and has lit an unexpected fire — Working on screenplays and more — Like having discovered some secret — The wisdom of doing creative things quickly — Ray Bradbury used to dash through his writing — "Don't think!" — Access to your secret self — A continuous, beautiful flow instead of building a Lego brick at a time — Something that comes from your soul