2.3 Fading, Things of Lasting Worth, and Time

Published: May 23 2020

A less hectic pace this time — Things passing out of the common consciousness — The Twilight Zone — Even that — Forgotten? — Lasting work — People of generations after mine — Ancient history — Their own things — Anthology shows — The Ray Bradbury Theater — One of those eternal things — How many born later will go watch those episodes? — Losing the ability to watch or read old stuff — Going back to the roots — Such a daunting thought — Speaking across the ages — Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings — Enjoyed those too — The same will happen with them — Made a long time ago now — Rod Serling's and Ray Bradbury's work — Those things had worth — A special kind of loneliness — No shared love — A brighter note to end on — Episodes of The Ray Bradbury Theater — Not just artifacts from the past — All good art