3.2 Staying on Course, True Unwinding, and TV

Published: Jan 12 2021

Season 2 transcript book now on Amazon — More than 41,000 words — Introduction, footnotes, and bonus chapter on The Ray Bradbury Theater — Book series — Happy with this volume — Closer to my ideal of being like a late night radio programme — Thanks to Alessandra for checking my facts regarding S.Pellegrino mineral water — Course correction re: sharing my journeys through different realms of art — Reasons against it — Spontaneity and total freedom — Sharing only the most interesting things — The Spotify playlists will continue — Tens of thousands of tracks — Not possible to share folders on Spotify — A future possibility — One task too many — Foregrounding the wrong thing — Slowing down everything else — Not enough breathing room — Prefer to avoid any academic approaches — Northern Exposure book series — Fresh — Straining your processor — Adjusting my working methods this year — Will finally publish my music and other things — Avoiding stuffy places — Gems — Better a bit late than too late — Letting reactions mature — A wake-up call — More time for relaxing and unwinding — Taking care — New TV — Much more immersive to watch from a big screen — Like being there — Bradbury on input and output — Soundbar — Solid dark-wood table from IKEA — Three truly relaxing things — TV, driving, shopping — Great mall on an international scale — Streaming — Blu-rays, DVDs, videos — No YouTube ads — Mirroring device screens — Now also my "typewriter" — Scrivener — Composition Mode — Black background, green text — Music through the soundbar — iMac Pro — Games on the big screen — Life upgrade — Things that make a place a home — End to deprivation and tension — Next week a blank slate — Bathtub