Episode notes


In this episode of Signals From Mars, During this episode of the Signals From Mars Live Stream, my Patrons Jeremy and Johan join the show for a solid music discussion.

Among the topics discussed include Skid Row, Lacuna Coil, Alter Bridge, Motley Crue, Bloodstock 2023, and Iron Maiden 2023 European tour.

We talk about new hard rock and metal releases. Bands redoing their own material. Is John5 replacing Mick Mars in Motley Crue? Ryan J. Downey’s Stream N Destroy Newsletter’s Top 600 Artists Spotify Listenership. And much more!

This episode of the Signals From Mars is the audio version of the October 14th, 2022 epi ... 

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Iron MaidenMotley CrueSkid RowLacuna CoilAlter BridgeBloodstock 2023