A. Billi Free on How Set, Setting, Space, and Place Inspire the Songwriting Process

Published: Apr 14 2021

This week, we’re joined in conversation with the incredibly talented vocalist, producer, and DJ A. Billi Free. A deft MC and brilliant singer, A. Billi has delivered two solo albums over the past two years--I Luma and Blk Mgk Symbl—that break down the borders between hip-hop, dance music, futuristic soul and jazz.

A former mainstay of the Chicago music scene, A. Billi is currently based in the southwest near the borders of El Paso, Juarez, and southern New Mexico. She spoke with us about how city-life vs rural-life has affected her writing and approach to collaboration.

We also talked about our shared love of DJ culture, how technology can help empower the future of independent music, how she gets incredible sound from a $50 microphone.

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Track in Intro: Hurricane by A. Billi Free and Uncle El