COVID-19 Financial Support For Other States (and VIC Small Business COVID Hardship Fund)

Shooting for the Stars by Southern Cross Business Advisers

Episode notes

While the main focus has been on New South Wales and Victoria with regards to business grant funding, it would be remiss to ignore the other Australian states and territories who also each have support measures for their own businesses that have been impacted by their own separate lockdown restrictions in recent months.

And despite Tasmania being the only state to have never gone back into lockdown since the very first lockdown that the entire country was simultaneously in, their businesses have still been impacted by ongoing lockdowns on the Australian mainland that have caused the Apple Isle to impose strict border restrictions, wreaking havoc on their tourism and importing/exporting industries.

Louie returns from a week's rest to give you the run down on all the main grants available in South Australia, Queensland, Western Australi ... 

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