S1E2: How Much Control Do We Have? Agency + Free Will

Shhhhhh The Trekkies are Talking by Rukhsana Sukhan + Robert Pilkington + Lee Weissman

Episode notes

Borg Drones have no agency or free will, they serve The Collective and they become absorbed into it once they can no longer function as a working unit. A Borg Drone has no value as an individual. The concept of agency seems irrelevant to the Borg. Does an increasingly digitized society feel like The Collective? How much control do we have, really, in modern society? What is Free Will? What is Agency? Would we rather become emotionless cybernetic entities that move from location to location extracting the resources we need to service ourselves — incentivized by the algorithm? Do we strive to be Picard, despite his pure naïveté in doubting Q, or do we strive to be Lore, because of his shameless resolve in his charismatic mission? Maybe we strive to be like Hugh, because he did choose based on values he learned to embrace. How much control does each ... 

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