S01 E01 - Links Are Earned, Not Given

SEO on Demand by Page One Power
Why Your Content Isn't Link-Worthy (And How to Fix It)You published an article on the web, and now you sit back and wait for the backlinks to come piling in. That's how it works, right? WRONG.Just because your content is published on the web doesn't mean it "deserves" links. What you really need is content that offers value to a specific  ...  See more
Jun 16 2022

Welcome to episode 1 of SEO On Demand. I'm Norm Vogele, Onsite Content Strategist at Page OnePower. On this episode we will be discussing why your content is not worthy of backlinks — and how you can fix it.

There’s an old saying that “respect is earned, not given”. The idea is that just because you are old, in a position of authority, or have some other credential to your name doesn’t mean you are entitled to deference and respect by all. You have to live up to your credentials, demonstrate your authority, earn the respect of your subordinates, peers, or even pupils. Respect isn’t free.

In the world of search, the same holds true for backlinks: your content must earn links — not demand them, not passively wait for them, not assume they are going to come even when you put in the work to

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