Wise men from the east come to visit the savior. The savior teaches in the temple as a youth

A fun and informative podcast specifically created by seniorzzz for seniorzzz by Al Jensen

Episode notes

This podcast features the visit of the wise men who came to see Jesus when he was a lad. We are not sure how many wise men came to see the son of God. We do know that they were inspired and directed by the lord. The humble shepherds came to the scene after the birth of the savior. The shepherds in all humility worshiped him after and angel and a multitude of angels cam to them declaring the birth of the son of God.

It also discusses how we can grow in stature and wisdom. It features the feelings that Joseph and Mary had when they could not find Jesus. The story of parents losing their child for several days is a key part of this podcast. I cannot imagine how Mary and Joseph felt when they could not find their son.

birth of the saviorthe wise men visit the savior in nazarath