Dust Devils by Julie Waight, 2005 winner Scarlet Stiletto Award

Scarlet Stiletto Bites by Sisters in Crime Australia

Episode notes

Do we really wonder WHY women kill? We watched the TV series of that name… well a lot of us did. Long before Coercive Control was even a thing, women were responding to it, with dreams of their own domestic revenge.In today's Scarlet Stiletto Bite - the character Cyndi, an ordinary suburban woman does a bit more than dream…

Back in 2005, a friend suggested to Julie Waight that she enter the Sisters in Crime Short Story Competition. She plucked out one of her many short stories, (Dust Devils) edited, did a rewrite to comply with the competition criteria and entered. She says she was astonished when she won.

Julie: "I wish I could say that was the beginning of my published writing career. It wasn’t. I’m old-school, I like the smell of a new book and to feel the paper as I turn a page. I’m not on face book,  ... 

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