Episode 6: Lael Wilcox & Kait Boyle

Ride Buddies by Ride with GPS

Episode notes

For our sixth episode of Ride Buddies, the stars magically aligned and we get to enjoy a rare IRL sit-down between two of ultra cycling’s greats: Lael Wilcox and Kait Boyle. Despite months of recent travel, they both just so happened to be in Tucson at the same time. So...we decided to hit the record button.

In this conversation, the two talk about witnessing the devastation of climate change, cringe over Kait’s recent hydration woes on the AZT (check it out on Instagram - it's gnarly). They bond over bushwhacking through countless races, and dissect the nuances of deciding when it's time to bow out. It's the type of conversation only these two could have so saddle up and tune in, you're in for a great ride.


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