S01 E05 - The Readers and Writers

Read The North by The Word On The Street
In the series finale, we return to the beating heart of the festival. Thank you to our community of book lovers and authors who make The Word On The Street such a special place to connect with each other. Hosted by Rebecca DiemProduced by Quinton BradshawMusic by James Ellercamp Special thanks to Waubgeshig Rice, Jael Richardson, Jesse We  ...  See more
Jun 06 2022

Rebecca Diem: On June 11th and 12th, The Word On The Street Toronto is returning to the streets for the first time in three years. Today, Quinton and I are here at Queen’s Park.

[sounds of a city park, with distant traffic and sounds of children playing]

Rebecca Diem: Right now, we’re on the east side of the, kind of, horseshoe shape of the festival. So this is gonna be where KidStreet is. So we’re gonna have the Kids’ Activity Zone and the Kids’ Literature stage. Then some more stages… Indie Alley is gonna be here before it curves up toward the north branch—towards Bloor.

[street and park sounds fade out]

Rebecca Diem: In less than a week, this space will be filled with volunteers setting up tents, publishers and exhibitors unloading books, and authors preparing to read their work o

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