S01 E03 - The Publishers

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In this episode, we go behind-the-scenes of the publishing industry with Canada's world-class independent presses to see how a book is made and meet a few of the people who make them happen. Hosted by Rebecca DiemProduced by Quinton BradshawMusic by James EllercampSpecial thanks to Alana Wilcox of Coach House Books, Jen Albert of ECW Pres  ...  See more
May 23 2022
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  • How A Book Is Made00:03:01 - 00:11:45

Episode 3: The Publishers

[sounds of a printing press coming to life]

Rebecca Diem: It’s an unseasonably warm morning in mid-February, and I’m standing on the ground floor of Coach House Books, watching a 1973 Heidelberg Printing press slowly rumble to life. It’s about the length of a small car, and kind of looks like one too, if you removed the body to expose the mechanisms underneath. Joining me in a silent semi-circle around it are Alana Wilcox, editorial director at Coach House Books, and my producer, Quinton Bradshaw. We are about to witness the miracle of birth. A printing tech steps up to the machine, ready to play the role of midwife.

Alana Wilcox: You can stand over Josh and watch him while he's changing the plates.

Quinton Bradshaw: Yeah I mean actually– I don't know, would

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