Different Types of Surgery Finance and Ways to Raise Funds

Accountancy on Prescription by RBP Chartered Accountants

Episode notes

In this episode, Jenny Stone, a partner at RBP, is joined by Ian Crompton, a director of PrimaryCare Finance Consultancy Limited. They will be discussing the different types of surgery finance available and the easiest way to raise funds. Also, the topical issues of interest rates at this time and the consideration to fix and variable rates and strategies to consider.

If you would like to contact Ian, please contact him by email at ian.crompton@primarycarefinance.co.uk.

RBP are one of the leading medical specialist firms of chartered accountants in the UK. They have over 30 years’ experience in the medical field and they will be sharing their broad and experienced knowledge through their fortnightly Accountancy on Prescription podcasts.

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