Re-release of Basis Period Reform - Explaining the Changes

Accountancy on Prescription by RBP Chartered Accountants

Episode notes
This episode is the re-release of our change of basis period podcast that was originally released in September 2022. As of now, all accounting year ends have formally moved in line with the fiscal year and everyone listening will now be preparing their personal and practice accounts to the 31st March 2024. If you know you are affected by the change of basis period this episode is going to benefit you directly. Please do share with fellow GPs who you are aware of that historically operated under a non-March year end too. RBP are one of the leading medical specialist firms of chartered accountants in the UK. They have over 30 years’ experience in the medical field and they will be sharing their broad and experienced knowledge through their fortnightly Accountancy on Prescription podcasts. Listeners who will be interested in subscribing to these inform ...   ...  Read more