NHS Pension - Inflation Uplift

Accountancy on Prescription by RBP Chartered Accountants

Episode notes
In this week’s episode, Jenny Stone, a partner at RBP, discusses why some doctors who are in receipt of their NHS Pension have not received an inflation uplift to their benefits. She confirms what you need to do to ensure the pensions team review this and pay the arrears. RBP are one of the leading medical specialist firms of chartered accountants in the UK. They have over 30 years’ experience in the medical field and they will be sharing their broad and experienced knowledge through their fortnightly Accountancy on Prescription podcasts. Listeners who will be interested in subscribing to these informative and relevant shows are doctors in general practice, locum doctors, hospital consultants, practice managers and PCNs.RBP can be contacted via their website, www.rbp.co.uk, by email  ...  Read more
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