Random Access Television

by Zach & Nas

Zach and Nas bring you a new podcast about old television shows! From the mega hits to the ultra obscure, each installment of Random Access Television will be packed with history, anecdotes, and analysis of classic TV episodes. We use our vintage supercomputer to take you on a journey of the wild and weird. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E18 - Sue Thomas, FB Eye

    S01 E18 - Sue Thomas, FB Eye

    Zach and Nas take a look at this heartwarming adventure between a hearing impaired woman and her hearing-ear dog Levi. What ever happened to inspirational TV? The uplifting, feel-good stories of white women being girlbosses? With ...

    Sep 22 2021
    Sep 22 2021
  • S01 E17 - One Life to Live

    S01 E17 - One Life to Live

    Random Access Television is pleased to introduce our first guest: the talented Jamie! Join Zach, Nas, and our special guest as we converse about one of TVs longest running soap operas: One Life to Live. Soap operas were always out...

    Sep 08 2021
    Sep 08 2021
  • S01 E16 - The Mary Tyler Moore Hour

    S01 E16 - The Mary Tyler Moore Hour

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show is widely considered one of the greatest shows to ever exist. As a sitcom spanning over seven seasons, Moore delighted audiences with hilarious skits and progressive plotlines. So where does one go after ...

    Aug 18 2021
    Aug 18 2021
  • S01 E15 - The Tortellis

    S01 E15 - The Tortellis

    Spinoffs, spinoffs, spinoffs! Would this 80s era Cheers offshoot be as successful as its sister show, Frasier? Zach and Nas discuss the pitfalls and minor successes of this strange sitcom starring Nick Tortelli, estranged husband ...

    Aug 11 2021
    Aug 11 2021
  • S01 E14 - Monday Night Baseball

    S01 E14 - Monday Night Baseball

    Is Pete Rose going to break the 44 consecutive hit streak world record? Find out during this New York versus Philadelphia classic! You might notice that “Charlie Hustle” didn’t play for the Mets or Phillies in 1978, and you’d be r...

    Jul 28 2021
    Jul 28 2021