Random Access Television

by Zach & Nas

Zach and Nas bring you a new podcast about old television shows! From the mega hits to the ultra obscure, each installment of Random Access Television will be packed with history, anecdotes, and analysis of classic TV episodes. We use our vintage supercomputer to take you on a journey of the wild and weird. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E22 - Holiday Special

    S01 E22 - Holiday Special

    Happy holidays everybody, while we're on our hiatus we figured we'd give each other (and you) a Holiday treat of an episode where Zach & Nas give each other the gift of some of our favorite TV episodes in our Holiday Special Extra...

  • S01 E21 - Hammerman

    S01 E21 - Hammerman

    From the parking lot of the Oakland A’s Coliseum to the top of the Billboard charts, MC Hammer emerged a 90s branding powerhouse. Out of his many endeavors, the Hammerman cartoon became a short-lived Saturday morning staple. Zach ...

  • S01 E20 - Saturday Night Live

    S01 E20 - Saturday Night Live

    As one of the longest running shows in history, if you haven’t heard of Saturday Night Live, where have you been? On our spooktacular Halloween special we watch the October 30th, 1993 edition of SNL - guest starring Christian Slat...

  • S01 E19 - Wings (Discovery Channel)

    S01 E19 - Wings (Discovery Channel)

    NOT the sitcom.Are you ready for the world’s most sleepy show? Zach and Nas try not to fall into a deep slumber while recalling the precision, straight-from-the-manual schematics of World War 2 fighter planes! If you love planes, ...

  • S01 E18 - Sue Thomas, FB Eye

    S01 E18 - Sue Thomas, FB Eye

    Zach and Nas take a look at this heartwarming adventure between a hearing impaired woman and her hearing-ear dog Levi. What ever happened to inspirational TV? The uplifting, feel-good stories of white women being girlbosses? With ...