Holographic Being - Iman Kamel

Published: Aug 07 2020

Holographic Being. Iman Kamel is an award-winning filmmaker and cultural diplomat. In her mid-career she studied International Relations at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. She is traveling the world advocating the artist as an agent for change. She was also awarded "Iconic Women Creating a Better World for All" at the Women Economic Forum India. She is a shamanic healer, and in her latest development, she discovered her gift in reading the Akashic records.

Iman Kamel transmits for you during her Akashic Records sessions a vision that is yours to activate and integrate into your daily life and work, and into your healing process. Working through the visionary Akasha you discover with Iman your Holographic Being. She utilizes all that you have experienced and learned throughout your life, and lifetimes to provide you with your power medicine and your newly gained life force. Especially in turmoiled times like this, this self-made medicine and assertion of your life forces are urgently needed.